Huge update and restart of Hermodr.

Greetings, warriors! 

We have a lot of news. 

First. Hermodr after fail on launch here, on was restarted. Changed almost all aspects of game. Art, core gameplay, music, UI.  You can check this out. New playable demo for Windows and Linux was published.  It contains only a first location — Ancient Crypt, two levels and a location boss.

Second. We’ve launched a HUGE trailer, which you can see on the main page. There is some secret (no, it’s not) gameplay footage. Also Steam "Coming Soon" campaing is started. If you want to buy Hermodr on Steam — go and add it to wishlist. It will be available later. Check this!

Anyway project will be released on in Early Access stage a bit earlier and will be a lot cheaper here. But if you want, you can buy both in future (No, don’t do it. Don’t waste your money.) 


Hermodr Demo Linux AMD64 131 MB
Version 0.2.2a Jul 25, 2017
Hermodr Demo Windows 63 MB
Version 2 Jul 21, 2017

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